Wireless Access Control via Intercom, Phone, or Text Messages

Comelit iKal
Comelit style 5
Comelit style 5 multi button
ACT Entry A5
Videx with keypad
Videx single button
Comelit Urmet

Mobile Entry Features:

  • Remote Control of Security Gates.
  • 2t-technology-mobile-entry-block-diagram_310x300No wires from the house to the gate.
  • No need for key fobs just use your mobile.
  • Calls 3 telephones in sequence, landlines or mobiles. If no answer received from one the next one is called
  • Access control for a list of up to 200 pre-programmed telephone numbers
  • Simple to set-up by sending short text messages from any mobile or WebText.
  • IP65 waterproof enclosure.
  • Answer the Gate Intercom from any phone in the House or Mobile.
  • Excellent Audio Quality.
  • Wireless intercom communication with any landline or mobile.
  • Remote communication from the intercom when the home owner is away from the house.
  • Controlled access to the gardener, oil refill truck, plumber... when home-owner away from home.
  • Set the gate permanently open if required by caller. Sends a warning after 1 hour if the gate is left open
  • Remotely determine whether the gate is open or closed.
  • SIM Card (pre pay) supplied.
  • Bill Pay or Pre Pay SIM Card options.
  • Receive a warning if SIM credit is running low.
  • Receive a warning if gate left open

Additional Options:

  • Multi-Button Intercom call point
    • Where multiple houses exist behind one set of gates.
    • Or where there are multiple apartments in one block.
    • Or where different call buttons allow different numbers to be used at different
      times of the day, for example business hours 9-5 call reception, and outside
      office hours call security.

- Intercom call points with 2,3,4 and up to 5 call buttons are available.

- Each call button can be separately programmed for a different residence or house.

- So each call button can have a different set of 3 numbers to call.

  • Two Call points on One GSM controller using only one SIM.

- This is suitable where two gates or access points to the same premises are separated and both have to be set up with call points.

- Using a special 2T Intercom Multiplexer two call points can be connected to one GSM box.

  • Integrated Keypad with intercom.

- A number of the intercoms have integrated keypads.

  • Vandal Proof

- The Comelit Vandalcom 5 wire intercom is suitable for use with the GSM Intercom system.