"Customer service second to none!"

-Ian Milner, Bermuda Projects UK-

"I can highly recommend their products"

-Andrew Lee, Nordeal-

"2T is an excellent company"

-James Bolger, Bolger Automation-

"Great new intercoms from 2T"

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"Customer service second to none!"

-Ian Milner, Bermuda Projects UK-

2T-Technology Recommended SIM Options

  • This SIM doesn’t need to be topped up.
  • It never expires.
  • Uses an Irish 085 mobile number.
  • Free delivery
  • This SIM allows full functionality from GSM Intercoms and Switches. Other low cost SIMs do not guarantee full functionality.

Select one of these options to sign up for your new system SIM.

Residential System

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GSM Switch or Low activity GSM Intercom for residential single dwelling

79.99 euro yearly

Max of 14 outgoing phone calls a week. 20 text a week.

Commercial System

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High Activity GSM Intercom for shop, factory, multi residency appartments or any commercial location

119.99 euro yearly

Max 30 to 40 outgoing phone calls a week. 50 text a week.

12 month contract. Full terms and conditions below.

Signing up for this service implies agreement with the SIM – Terms and Conditions given below.

SIM – Terms and Conditions

Cancellation policy – Customers may cancel at any time after 12 months. Billing will run to the end of the month of cancellation.

Roaming charges – This SIM is not capable of roaming. This feature has been disabled.

Full terms – By accepting this agreement, customers are also signing up to eir customer terms, fair usage policy, and agree to comply with same.

Data Protection – 2T-Technology will not store your payment information, or personal details. Only your email address will be stored. Your GSM device phone number will be stored separately by eir on their portal.

Use – This SIM is only to be used for GSM Intercoms and Switches. Machine to machine communication is the only allowed application for this SIM.

Liability – Access Security & Control Technology Ltd, trading as 2T-Technology, are not liable nor accept liability for any loss, damage, loss of business, inconvenience, injury, death, or costs incurred due to failure of service, outages, or connectivity issues.