Voyager Alarm to Mobile



  • Best value, Small size, 13cm x 6cm x 3cm, Ultra Reliable.
  • SMS Text to up to 5 numbers.
  • Simple to set-up by sending short text messages from any mobile or Webtext
  • 2 Inputs, 1 output
  • New Install or retro fit
  • Sends Credit “Top Up” messages to keep SIM on Mobile Network.
  • 12V from panel or we can supply PSU.
  • 12 Month Guarantee.

Alarm to Mobile


  • SMS Text from any Alarm system
  • New installation or Retro-Fit
  • SMS Text and call to 5 numbers
  • Remotely ARM and Disarm the Alarm
  • Pre Paid or Pay as You go SIM
  • Warning on low credit
  • Simple Programming by SMS Text message.
  • Intelligent software keeps the SIM on the network.
  • 4 Inputs - Typical configuration ALARM, Personal Attack, Tamper and Fire.
  • Also determine ARM status OR If in Alarm
  • Tamper indication
  • Also sends Restore
  • Has been used for monitoring, Alarms, boilers, fridges.
  • Programmable warning messages.
  • Set security code for additional security.
  • 4 Inputs, 1 output.
  • EN50131 Compliant
  • 12 Month Guarantee