"Customer service second to none!"

-Ian Milner, Bermuda Projects UK-

"I can highly recommend their products"

-Andrew Lee, Nordeal-

"2T is an excellent company"

-James Bolger, Bolger Automation-

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"Customer service second to none!"

-Ian Milner, Bermuda Projects UK-

Voyager Mobile Entry Plus. (VME+) 2G & 3G (Now with 50 Or 200 Users)


Engineer Setup App

  • Waterproof ! Vital when the installers box is full
  • 12V DC PSU preferred
  • Open Access by default. Simply call the device number to
    open the gate. Anyone with number can access.
  • 50 to 200 Users, if phone numbers programmed
  • Simple English command set up functions, by SMS text
  • Sends a warning message if gate left open
  • Remote query gate status Or Receive a text on every event
  • Available in 2G and 2G/3G versions
  • Iphone & Android App’s available, Free!
  • SIM & PSU can be supplied for a complete package
  • All units have extended antenna