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"Customer service second to none!"

-Ian Milner, Bermuda Projects UK-

Voyager Mobile Entry Plus. (VME+) 4G (Now with 200 Users and 2 Relays)

Engineer Setup App

  • 2 Relays to control two gates or doors, or a gate and side gate
  • Tested to +32V AC, so it should work on most Gate controllers without its own PSU. However the control panel must be able to supply peaks of 1 Amp of current in very short pulses
  • 4G operation dropping back to 2G if required.              The device will do this automatically if 4G signal is not present or not useable.   This can also be set with an SMS command text if required.
  • Small size  (13cm x 6cm x 3cm) with 3 meter antenna cable
  • Waterproof Enclosure - vital when the installers box is full
  • SMS text to keep PAYG SIM on the Network.              Can vary frequency of texting to use credit on SIM ( See Manual Page 16 )
  • Open Access by default. Anyone with the phone number can activate the gate
  • 200 users when phone numbers are programmed
  • Control 2 Gates or 1 Door and 1 Gate
  • Free Android and IPhone Apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.See App links for 4G Voyager on our Apps page here:                      https://2t-tec.com/download
  • Notification Text to allow end user to receive a text on every gate or Door activation
  • New Client management feature in App, for busy Installers
  • Remote Diagnostics. 
    • Identify  Current Band and Signal level
    • Identify Signal Strength and Signal Fading problem
    • Identify when Operator De-Registers a PAYG SIM
  • SIM and PSU can be supplied if required
  • All units have an extended antenna (3 meter)
  • High gain antenna is available for those very low signal locations.