"Customer service second to none!"

-Ian Milner, Bermuda Projects UK-

"I can highly recommend their products"

-Andrew Lee, Nordeal-

"2T is an excellent company"

-James Bolger, Bolger Automation-

"Great new intercoms from 2T"

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"Customer service second to none!"

-Ian Milner, Bermuda Projects UK-

  • With our new Video Intercom you can now see who is at the
    door or gate while talking to them.
  • Dial up to 500 different houses or apartments with 3 numbers per apartment.
  • ¬†These can be landlines or mobile telephones
  • Calls up to 3 numbers per resident or family, e.g. landline first, and if no answer, then call mobile.
  • Total Users for incoming calls 500 x 3 => 1500
  • Two Relays to control two doors.
  • No need for wiring between the door / gate and each house or apartment.
  • Users can grant access to their visitors by pressing the * (star) key on their telephone handset while on the call.
  • No charge access control. System recognises number and hangs up, then opens door or gate.
  • Controlled White List of numbers.
  • Add and remove numbers remotely using SMS Text.
  • Volt free relay built in to facilitate control of door or gate release devices.
  • Simple to use LCD screen displays user friendly messages.
  • Constructed from aluminum with stainless steel rain hood.
  • Keypad can also be used for gate access control by entering a code.
  • Answer the Gate Intercom from any phone in the house.
  • Excellent Audio Quality.
  • Remote communication from the intercom when the home owner is away from the house.
  • Works on both 3G and 2G networks.


Not all mobile phones are capable of receiving video calls over 3G GSM. The phones in the table below are capable of video communication. Other phones will only receive audio communication during any call from the GSM intercom.

Mobile Brand Mobile Phone models that support video calls.
LG P920 / P970 / P990 / U8180F
Motorola E300 / E770 / VE538 / ME860
Nokia C series / E series / N series / 5 series / 6280 / 3210 / X6-00
(Lumia series with window mobile system doesn't support)
Samsung Galaxy S1-S4 / Note 1-6 /Core Prime
Sharp WX-T71 / WX-T91 / WX-T930
Sony Ericsson K608i / W900i / WLM / W995
HTC, Blackberry, i-Phone do not support network video calls