"Customer service second to none!"

-Ian Milner, Bermuda Projects UK-

"I can highly recommend their products"

-Andrew Lee, Nordeal-

"2T is an excellent company"

-James Bolger, Bolger Automation-

"Great new intercoms from 2T"

-Noel Kielthy, Auto Door Engineering-

" We are delighted to be working with 2T"

-William O'Neill, Aherlow IronCraft-


"Customer service second to none!"

-Ian Milner, Bermuda Projects UK-

Voyager Voice Sleek GSM Intercom

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  • New Design!  Sleek Intercom with Back and Side Lights
  • Spoken male or female voice or tones
  • IP55 Waterproof housing
  • Control 2 Gates or Doors with 2 relays
  • Calls 1 to 5 numbers in sequence. landline or mobile
  • Open access operation by default
  • 200 user white list, when numbers programmed
  • Do Not Disturb mode
  • 10 automated schedules time events, assignable per gate
  • Backlit button and keypad
  • Time and day limited keypad codes
  • Excellent Audio Quality
  • Local support
  • Intelligent software that keeps the PAYG SIM on the Network
  • Security Code to restrict programming access
  • Android and iPhone Apps available